When the time comes to relocate, a White Glove moving company may be the ideal solution for you. As the name implies, White Glove movers are full-service companies that employ highly trained individuals to execute specialized and sometimes difficult relocations. These businesses attract clients such as celebrities, collectors, and businesses. Many moving companies simply do not have the experience, capacity or equipment required to carry out high-profile relocations. Let’s look at some of the benefits that luxury movers can provide for you.

  • White Glove Delivery — Whether you are moving to a different home or sending pieces of fine art to be installed in a special new location, all your items must be treated with special care. When using a luxury moving company such as Delivery Limited, a business based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, your shipment will be carefully packaged by professionals and properly secured inside the truck before being transported to the new location. The Delivery Limited couriers are adept at moving objects such as tapestries, large mirrors, furniture, chandeliers and all kinds of art. Delivery Limited refers to this level of service as “White-Glove Delivery,” a cut above the offerings of other moving companies.
  • Secure Storage — Perhaps you need to place your items in storage for an indeterminate amount of time. A regular self-storage unit will not provide the level of security you require, Delivery Limited’s climate-controlled state-of-the-art warehouse located in Dallas offers more than 125,000 square feet of space. All items brought into the warehouse are catalogued and barcoded.

Once your items are in the system, you’ll receive documentation via email including notes and photographs of your possessions in the warehouse. Artwork, wine and firearms collections are held in separate units. All furniture is placed in protective plastic coverings. Both the Dallas Historical Society and the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs use Delivery Limited’s warehouse to store their priceless artifacts!

  • Luxury Relocation — One never knows where life will take you. You may end up moving to another home, another city, or state Luxury white glove moving services will help make those relocations simple and hassle-free. Delivery Limited can handle your moving needs no matter where your new home or business is located. Their relocation specialists receive more than 80 hours of training to ensure all your requests are fulfilled. Delivery Limited’s employees can pack and unpack your belongings, install your fine artwork in its new home and even polish your silverware. If your penthouse suite awaits, Delivery Limited can accommodate your move to a high-rise building. The company can even arrange for your automobiles and watercraft to be delivered.
  • Specialty Installations — Does your meticulously curated art collection need to be properly displayed? Standard moving companies do not possess the knowledge to create an eye-catching art installation. Over the years, the experts at Delivery Limited have installed billions of dollars worth of artworks in tens of thousands of locations. Every piece of art entrusted to Delivery Limited’s installation experts is transported to its destination in custom boxes or crates. Artwork is carefully disassembled by the Delivery Limited team. After the works arrive, they are diligently reassembled and placed precisely where you desire, according to your specifications. Consultation with your interior designers and art consultants is conducted in a professional fashion. Whether a singular piece of art or an entire collection, Delivery Limited makes sure your artwork receives the attention it deserves with exact and careful installation.
  • Restoration and Repairs — No matter how well they were originally constructed, your valued possessions will eventually need to be brought back to their former glory. Non-luxury moving services may not be able to assist you with those desires. However, your antiques, furniture and artwork are important to Delivery Limited, even if they need some freshening up. Delivery Limited partners with local artisans, such as Brown Mountain Art and Antique Restoration, to revive your favorite pieces. You can arrange for your items to be picked up by Delivery Limited, which will then transport them to their warehousing facility for repair. Once the work has been completed, Delivery Limited will return the piece to you. Delivery Limited also employs its own restoration and repair experts. Some smaller orders can be fulfilled on-site.

White Glove Luxury moving services are not for every person or every situation. Some residential moves can be competently carried out by local companies. You could take on the move yourself by renting a truck and gathering a few friends to haul your heavy furniture. However, if you’re ready for a team of experts to take the responsibility and hassle of moving out of your hands, then a luxury moving service like Delivery Limited is for you.

Delivery Limited has been conducting moves with White-Glove Service for more than four decades. They are ready to exceed your expectations by delivering a relocation experience unlike any you’ve seen before. Give Delivery Limited a call at 214-261-1000 or contact the company at info@deliverylimited.com for more information. 

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