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 From relocation to delivery, storage to specialty installations, Delivery Limited is the partner you can trust with your most valuable belongings…At Delivery Limited, your possessions are our passion.

White Glove Delivery

A true specialist in the art of delivery, Delivery Limited can shepherd your purchases from anywhere in the world to any destination you choose.

Luxury Relocation

From domestic moves to international relocations, residential or commercial, Delivery Limited handles your possessions with care and precision.


Our state-of-the-art facility offers over 125,000 square feet of climate controlled, secure storage for your belongings.

Personal Space Service

Our personal spaces experts at Delivery Limited want to do just that- save you time and money while reducing stress and clutter!

Restoration and Repairs

If your antiques, furniture, or artwork needs to be restored or repaired, Delivery Limited has a variety of services that can help you.

Fine Arts

At Delivery Limited, our Fine Art Specialists believe that handling of art is an art unto itself. Whether it’s a delicate vase, a priceless oil painting,..

About Delivery Limited


Years of expertise

Delivery Limited was founded in 1978 with the mission to lift the burden of relocating from our client’s shoulders.We provide luxury relocation, delivery, and storage services of unrivaled quality to individuals, organizations, and businesses across the United States and internationally.


White Glove Deliveries

As true specialists in the art of white-glove delivery, Delivery Limited can move your belongings from anywhere in the world to any destination you choose.We can expertly handle and transport virtually any type of merchandise.Our experts will assemble and install all the furniture and artwork to your specifications.



Our state-of-the-art facility offers over 125,000 square feet of climate controlled, secure storage for your belongings.Whether you need your belongings stored for a few hours, a few days or a few decades- we are flexible to meet your unique needs!

Luxury Relocation Service

USA Luxury Relocation

We have relocated clients to every major metropolitan area in the United States, and several not-so-major ones as well.

Commercial Luxury Relocation

While Delivery Limited established its reputation in residential relocation, our talents have been increasingly brought to bear for commercial clients as well.

Meet our team

Cindy Anderson

Managing Director

Kevin Gerrild

Relocation Director

Glenn Taylor

Relocation Director

Klein Navin

Director Of Scheduling

Nayeli Salazar


Dennis Lasiter

Relocation Administrator

Randall Brown

Warehouse Department

Rick Mills

Chief Financial Officer

Dani Moore

Human Resources


What our clients say

“I had over 1,000 books in my library and Delivery Limited replaced them exactly as they were when they were in the old house. I also have an extensive wine collection and Delivery Limited moved every single bottle without breakage-and organized them precisely as they needed to be.” – Phillip Wiggins


“The new storage facility at Delivery Limited provides an exceptional repository for the Society’s extensive collection of artifacts and textiles. We truly appreciate Delivery Limited’s expertise in preserving our city’s past for future generations.” – John Perkins Chairman, Dallas Historical Society


“I cannot overstate the professionalism and care the Delivery Limited team brings to every project. The group of men and women at Delivery Limited are thorough and exacting, they make any project run substantially smoother. After over 50 installations with the team I cannot recall one unpleasant experience!” – Ann Schooler, Schooler-Kellogg and Company


“I now have three new amazing, functional Personal Spaces in my home. I’m speechless and completely grateful to each one of you for having the vision and the skills to create these areas for me in my new life as a self employed woman.  I have done a lot of work on myself the last five years (therapy, life coaches, yoga studies etc) and made many changes, but never really realized that I wasn’t truly living in my museum home. You are all miracle workers and listened and understood what I needed. I honestly have never felt better from the inside out. I know where I can find things and also am confident and focused. You will have my endorsement and support to convey this message to the design and building community, ” Personal Spaces is an insurance policy on completing your project and creating a life long client.” Can’t wait to come in Tuesday am and start spreading the word. Each of you works together to create the most exceptional team. I never knew this existed at Delivery Ltd and it is a brilliant service. I am positive that others will find this invaluable to their projects.” – Leslie Bell


“The collection you packed and oversaw on its journey from Dallas to London could not have been dealt with in a more thorough and professional manner.  The care with which you packed the pieces was most impressive, and every item arrived in perfect condition.  As Chairman of one of the oldest and largest Antique Dealerships in the world, I would be delighted to recommend you without hesitation.” – Mark Law, Chairman, Partridge Fine Arts


Thank you, for the orchids you and Delivery Ltd sent us! They are gorgeous and are perfect for dining room table. We especially want to thank you and your fantastic team with Clint’s direction and Alex’s art direction, in our smoothest move ever!!! That’s saying a lot since we move about every 7 years! LOL. Thank you again for organizing such a professional, thoughtful and caring move. All our best, Linda and Bob


“Over a two-year period and with exceptional white glove service, Delivery Limited’s team of Kevin Gerrild, Jake Reeves, Clinton Reece, Alex Lyle and Alex Vanstrein managed our consolidation of residences in East Texas, North Texas, and the Texas Gulf Coast into a single Dallas high rise condo plus a climate-controlled art storage facility. Over the past 30 years, we’ve learned that high-rise residential moves present a unique set of challenges that few relocation companies understand and fewer can master. Delivery Limited has it down pat…second-to-none in spatial planning, crating, moving and installation. No nicks. No losses. No damage to walls and flooring. Always on time and willing to go the extra mile. Removes all the stress. We highly recommend Delivery Limited for small moves and larger, more tedious jobs — and complete peace of mind.” Beth Sanders Moore and Jess Moore



Kevin and TEAM: What a fabulous surprise when I received a beautiful arrangement from Delivery Limited.  Thank you so very much.  I have babied them and they are still beautiful. You and your Team did such a magnificent job and we so thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Do not take this the wrong way but I really hope we DO NOT need your services again soon !!! Janice and Bob

Janice and Bob

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