Moving is a process. Whether that process is good or bad depends on how you go about it.

A bad moving process is unorganized with no system in place. It leads to a moving day that is cluttered, chaotic and hectic.

The best way to avoid this overwhelming problem is to develop a good moving plan designed with the end in mind. A good moving process involves planning. It pays to plan your week and have everything scheduled, including packing, cleaning, moving logistics and movers, etc.

However, for the best moving process, remember to take the steps below.

1. Get rid of unused items.

Before you pack to move, go through your belongings and get rid of anything you do not need. This may seem like radical suggestions but reducing the number of things you are moving will save you time.

Some items cannot be thrown out–for example, books–so carefully pack these items into boxes that are then sealed carefully with packaging tape to prevent damage during transportation. If possible, use original boxes, as these sturdy packing containers offer excellent protection for your belongings.

Or, if need be, you can consider our White Glove Delivery service.

2. Cancel (and schedule) your utility bill payment.

Having your utilities shut off and then re-established at a new address can be a huge inconvenience–not to mention embarrassing. While we hope you will not be without internet, cable and other essentials for too long during the relocation process, utility companies are sometimes known to hold payments for several days before applying them. Do yourself a favor by setting up automatic bill payment before moving day so that there is no chance of being caught in this stressful situation.

3. Create a moving checklist or document.

Make sure not to leave anything out of your essentials list. If you are creating a home inventory for insurance purposes, make sure to include small items that may be easy to forget. Also, think of valuable pieces you own.

Think of valuable pieces that belong to you, such as:

  • Jewelry.
  • Family heirlooms.
  • Appliances with warranties.

Delivery Limited’s White Glove Delivery will also take care of these valuable pieces for you:

  • Antiques.
  • Chandeliers and other light fixtures.
  • Furniture.
  • Over-sized mirrors.
  • Paintings.
  • Rugs or tapestries.
  • Sculptures or dimensional art.

By double-checking your list, you can avoid a common pitfall of leaving something important behind.

In this moving document or folder, keep copies of all critical addresses, shipping contracts, rental papers and other documentation. It is also a good idea to make a physical copy rather than a digital one since your laptop or phone battery may die during the move. As a result, if any difficulties arise with the delivery, you will be able to provide all required documents (records of payments, agreements, etc.).

4. Know how your fragile items will get there ahead of time.

If you have chosen a luxury relocation service such as Delivery Limited’s White Glove Delivery, then you will know where your fragile items are at all times with the business intelligence applications and tools we use to track your valuables.

You will be informed when your package is on its way. It is crucial to us that you are kept up-to-date on the whereabouts of your goods throughout each phase of their delivery.

In addition to knowing where your packages are at all times, with our White Glove Delivery service, you will also know that we will be there to set up and install any packages that you need us to, to your exact specifications.

5. Hire Delivery Limited.

You should consider hiring professional movers to handle the heavy lifting. Just because your new home has just as many stairs as the old one does not mean you have to move everything by hand.

In addition to hiring luxury moving services for high-value items, Delivery Limited can also help with bulky, awkwardly-shaped items.

We offer high-quality, 24/7, dedicated service. Our experts are here to help you with any of your specific moving needs from start to finish. We are concerned about our clients and always provide them with a memorable experience.

Contact us today at for more information.

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