Top 5 Tips for Dorm Room Organization

Organizing your dorm room is the key to making your room feel like your home away from home while you are at school. Keeping your things organized is a key part of having a happy and healthy dorm life! Follow the tips below to get the best from your dorm room.

  1. Utilize all the horizontal and vertical space in your room.
    1. Dorm rooms are generally small and cramped, and you often share them with another person. Make sure you utilize all the space in your room from doors to floors to desks.
  2. Make zones.
    1. Creating zones helps you keep organized by making sure everything has a place. Have different shelving zones for clothing, jewelry, hats, and anything else you have in your dorm room. You should even go as far as splitting your desk into zones if you use it for both homework and make-up items.
  3. Put a rug down.
    1. Laying out a rug is a great way to make your room feel cozier! A lot of dorm rooms have cold tiles for flooring. Covering these with a rug helps keep your feet warm and also adds a touch of personality to your space! Just make sure you vacuum it frequently to keep things clean!
  4. Raise up your bed.
    1. Some dorm rooms give students the ability to raise or “loft” their beds. Adjusting the height of your bed can give you and your roommate more space to walk around and gives you more space for storage beneath the bed.
  5. Make smart choices when buying household items and decor.
    1. When purchasing things to keep in your dorm room, keep in mind that you may live in an apartment or house in the future! Try to pick items that can still be used once you transition to your next living space.


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