If you associate white glove delivery with all of the other companies you’ve used in the past, you have the wrong idea.

A white-glove moving service is not like the average moving company. They certainly don’t provide the same nonchalant care as those moving companies.

When a white-glove moving company operates, the utmost attention is given to the item or items they’re working with. They show special attention to paintings, chandeliers, sculptures, porcelain, crystal and other delicate items. Regardless of their size, on specialty installations.

That phrase right there, “the utmost attention” is what sets them apart. The service cares about the items they are responsible for, whether it’s an art installation, domestic move, or international relocation.

You can have the highest confidence in this sort of moving company. But when should you consider a white-glove moving company? We’ll be answering that question in the following article.

1.  Artwork

If you are looking to relocate artwork to an art installation, home, or anywhere else, you need a service that will provide the delicate care the art demands. That’s where a white glove moving service comes into play.

They are knowledgeable about the process of moving and installing that artwork. There are no shortcuts, and the proper and necessary care is always present.

  • A two-ton marble statue.
  • Priceless oil paintings.
  • A delicate vase.

Regardless of the item, a team of professionals will treat it with respect, just as the piece deserves.

2.  Irreplaceable Antiques

Antiques are fragile pieces that have made it through more years than many of us today. These timeless pieces are essential to providing a peek into the past and often have significant sentimental value and so much more.

With all of that being true, it would be foolish to let a rookie team of movers take care of these items. They can’t be replaced and should be treated accordingly.

So, when it comes to moving your antique collection or priceless family heirlooms, you need to contact a white-glove moving company, so when they arrive, they’re still in the condition that you’ve come to love them for.

3.  Luxury Furniture

High-class furniture isn’t something you throw around in the back of a truck. It’s often a focal point of many rooms. It’s appealing to guests and adds style that otherwise could be lacking. So, it goes without saying that when you’re looking to have your furniture transported, you need a group of professionals who won’t ruin the style and comfort you’ve come to value.

For a white-glove moving service, that’s an easy task. You can rest assured knowing that your furniture will still be ready to bring light and style to the rooms they decor.

4.  Chandeliers

Chandeliers are beautiful works of art that bring light and luxury to any room they adorn. However, it’s no secret that chandeliers are fragile too, and need to be treated with care.

All light fixtures are delicate in that respect. They have a purpose to fulfill and do it wonderfully, but when taken out of that environment, that can be easily damaged or even ruined.

With that in mind, these services exist to ensure the proper dismantling, transport and then installation of the chandeliers and light fixtures. When that level of care is applied, you don’t have to look somewhere else or use some shabby lighting solution. You’ll have the product that you love right away.

5.  Oversized Mirrors

That may seem like a simple one but think about it. Do you know how to ensure the safety of an oversized mirror? Most people or moving companies don’t. They are incredibly fragile, and the size alone makes maneuvering them almost impossible for some.

White-glove moving services are some of the few dependable resources when it comes to transporting these items. You don’t have to worry or concern yourself. They’ll make sure it’s appropriately packaged and delivered safely.

The Common Traits of These Items

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that every item mentioned on this list shares the same trait. They’re all fragile, sensitive things that need to be treated with care.

That’s essentially the reason that white-glove moving services are present. There is no other way people can be assured they will have their priceless items delivered safely other than professionals specializing in it.

In conclusion, if you have one of these items or a similar item in mind, then you should be considering a white-glove moving company. They know how to move all of these items and more without incurring damage or other risks in the process.

They’ve been doing it for years and will pack, move and install any valued item that you have.

We know what we’re doing, and we’ve been doing it for years. Contact a Delivery Limited so you can begin the safe transport of your belongings today and take all of the worrying or wondering out of the situation.

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