The purpose and mission of most moving services is to safely move your household possessions from one location to another. This is standard moving service, and what the average homeowner should expect at minimum from their movers. Delivery Limited does not believe in delivering on minimal expectations. We are not the movers people call to relocate ordinary possessions and furniture across town or across the country. Delivery Limited is a White Glove Delivery service with the knowledge, experience and training to pack, relocate install and even restore priceless fine art, antiques and one of a kind artifacts.

Our discriminating clientele choose Delivery Limited when they require premium moving service to relocate or install items that are irreplaceable and whose value cannot be calculated in dollars and cents. The Delivery Limited team is who you call when you need to move original works of art, artifacts and private collections with the same care that a team of archeologists would employ to transfer pieces between museum collections.

What Is White Glove Service?

White Glove Services from Delivery Limited is not for general homeowners, and we are not simply movers. We are specialists who provide services for only the most precious possessions that must remain intact and undamaged from point A to point B. What does White Glove Service truly mean? Here is a brief overview of both our company and what White Glove Service truly means. 

Since 1978, our sole mission has been to take on the even the most challenging relocations from our select clientele. White Glove Service is luxury relocation, delivery and storage above and beyond the expectations of even the most discriminating individuals, collectors, organizations and businesses nationwide and around the world.

In the last four decades, we have taken a small garage based business global, providing our Whtie Glove services to clients around the world.  Delivery Limited White Glove Service is now a household name among high-end real estate relocation, delivery and installation of fine art and antiques to our global client base. We have provided relocation services to celebrities, CEOs and professional athletes whose prized possessions must be relocated intact with the utmost care and attention. We remain the first choice in luxury relocation services for our many clients with more joining the Delivery Limited family every year.

Delivery Limited White Glove Services

Our premium services are as follows:

White Glove Delivery

Our meticulous moving specialist team is ready and able to deliver your merchandise from designers, showrooms and antiques galleries directly to your office, residence or commercial location. We expertly assemble and install your furniture and artwork to your complete satisfaction, and we have a reputation for satisfying even the most demanding clients.

Luxury Relocation

Whether your move takes you across the country or across the glove, Delivery Limited packs and transports your possessions with the utmost care and precision. We arrive at your point of origin fully prepared to package, transport, unpack and even organize any and all possessions, artwork and furniture. Our clients only ever lift a finger to tell us where they would like their possession placed in their new home.

Secure Storage

Our high security Fort Worth, Texas facility has a 125,000 square feet of climate controlled space to store individual items, complete rooms or even the entire contents of your home for days or decades. Your belongings are always safe with Delivery Limited White Glove Services.

Speciality Installations

If it can be installed in a home or business, Delivery Limited can and will install it safely and securely. Art, porcelain, sculptures, crystal and any other delicate items of all shapes and sizes can be installed safely and securely to even the most exacting specifications.

Restoration & Repairs

Our White Glove Services involve working closely with your chosen restoration and repair experts to ensure that your prized possessions are transported with the utmost care. Moreover, we provide a secure space for restoration, repair work and storage at our high security facility in Fort Worth, TX.

Why Choose Delivery Limited White Glove Services?

Delivery Limited should be your first choice if…

  • You need to transport priceless antique furniture, art or artifacts a few miles or thousands of miles.
  • You demand the highest possible levels of service from your relocation service.
  • Your prized possessions must be stored in the most secure, climate controlled location for short term or long term storage.
  • You need your prized possessions professionally installed with the utmost care at your relocation destination.
  • You demand that only the most experienced and knowledgeable luxury relocation service provider handle transporting the contents of your residence to your new home across the country or across the globe.


We want to be very clear that Delivery Limited White Glove Services are not for everyone. We are sought after by only the most discriminating clientele who have specific needs and requirements that other relocation services cannot meet. If you are relocating and require our expert services, contact us today. We can help safely transfer even the most precious cargo to your new home or location anywhere in the world safely and securely. When you need luxury relocation service, Delivery Limited White Glove Service should be your first choice.

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