Designers Only

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At Delivery Limited, we pride ourselves on the close working relationships we foster with designers. We endeavor to be “the designer’s concierge,” working to make sure each of your projects is an unqualified success.

No project is too large or complex, and we can handle multiple ongoing projects for the same designer. Delivery Limited has managed projects encompassing single room renovations as well as massive, 70,000-square-foot estate relocations spanning multiple years. We can also act as a liason between you and your clients should the need arise.

As one of the very few relocation companies in the United States that is a member of both the Industry Foundation (IF), Interior Design Society (IDS) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Delivery Limited offers a variety of services of special interest to the design community.

Expert Delivery and Relocation

Our company was founded more than 25 years ago to meet the needs of designers searching for a reliable delivery and relocation service, and we’ve been setting the benchmark ever since. We work closely with you to ensure your clients’ investments are protected and delivered with unparalleled care. To help you better manage your valuable time, all deliveries are precisely scheduled by appointment.

Overseas Shipping and Receiving

Delivery Limited’s expert technicians can pack and receive overseas containers, and we can accommodate all customs requests and requirements.

Freight Claims

We work to quickly resolve any shipping errors, and we can handle freight claims from start to finish.

Showroom-Style Storage


Our climate-controlled 125,000-square-foot showroom-style facility is conveniently located just moments from the Dallas design district and Love Field Airport. You and your clients enjoy easy access to stored items, and we have ample space for laying out large rugs or viewing pieces together in a room-like setting. Our warehouse technicians are available to assist you and your clients with your viewing needs at any time. Projects can be stored by room, by residence or according to any other allocation you prefer. While in our care, your possessions are dusted and maintained with fastidious attention.

Detailed Receiving Processes

Upon arrival, each incoming item is carefully inspected, photographed, measured and documented. We record any damage or defects, and provide immediate notification if any problems or irregularities are discovered. We e-mail you digital photos of all received items as standard procedure.

What designers say about us

“I was first introduced to Delivery Limited, Inc. on an installation in Dallas, Texas. They had been selected by the client. When they say “they wear white gloves and can work with priceless antiques”, they mean it.

Their appearance was impeccable. They handled themselves with total professionalism. They were flexible and incredibly accommodating. I subsequently used them for two moves of my own. My office and townhouse in New York and a month long project in Denver, CO. Delivery Limited, Inc. understands the process of installing a home. Their awareness of beleaguered home owners and decorators on such a tight schedule is unparalleled. They are Southern gentlemen with a great sense of humor.”
-Charlotte Moss, Charlotte Moss & Co. New York, NY