Relocating your luxury items is never an easy task. It takes dedication from highly trained experts to not only relocate your items, but they also need to be capable of expertly installing them as well.

This is where our White Glove Installation Service steps in.

We are often asked here at the offices of Delivery Limited here in Dallas-Fort Worth, “What exactly is White Glove Installation Service?”

This article will explain what the term means and why you need Delivery Limited to fulfill such a task.

What Does White Glove Installation for Your Luxury Items Mean?

White glove installation for your luxury items means that we take very special care of our customers, we handle the items with attention and care, and we deliver these luxury items in the same condition we accepted them in, without any dents or scratches.

Our relocation and delivery services are very exclusive. Therefore, we guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction.

Many moving companies provide white-glove delivery service, but none of them are truly elite in the field. Delivery Limited has the expertise to provide each individual consumer with the best experience possible.

If you are having expensive furniture pieces or high value goods such as fine art or a unique vase relocated, you are probably worried that there is no professional company in the area  to provide you with white glove services that are required to relocate and install your items.

When you hire Delivery Limited to relocate your luxury items, you will not only receive a white-glove service but also have access to the industry’s most experienced movers and a range of highly qualified professional movers, drivers and installation experts.

Luxury White Glove Installation Benefits

  • Durable and Up-to-Date Tools, Vehicles and More

Delivery Limited’s movers are equipped with tools that are commonly used in the relocation industry. This helps to reduce the time taken to complete the job.

  • Best-in-Class Service

Deliveries are made using the best vans and other vehicles in the business.

  • All Items Are Expertly Wrapped and Secured
  • We Can Transport and Install the Most High-End Items to Your Satisfaction

Why You Need Our Services

One of the top reasons that people choose our services is to get full-service relocation. Why would you want an expert to just pick your stuff up, drive it to your home or work and drop it off?

Well, we will pick up and deliver your items at any location in the in North America

We handle both the short-term and long-term relocations.

Delivery Limited does full-service delivery. We take care of every part of the move, picking up, packing, staging and unpacking.

On top of that, we have extensive knowledge of handling large storage units. So, you don’t have to worry about that part.

What You Need To Know

If you are planning to relocate your goods, the first thing you should do is to choose a reliable relocation company. Why? Well, if you don’t have a specialist relocation company then you will miss out on a company that has not only the right tools, but the ability to keep your most expensive items secure. When relocating precious items, it must be done right the first time around.

If you have a specialist that has experience moving luxury items then the process of relocation will be much smoother, more efficient and stress free.

And if you don’t have an expert that can pack your goods and send them to you then you will have to put your goods in storage and wait for a long time.

The bottom line is this: You will be receiving the highest level of treatment from our relocation experts. A thorough understanding of the overall logistics of moving luxury items is our goal.

Expert Installation

We are different from other relocation and delivery services because we are a moving and storage company that is focused on luxury and storage relocation.

There are a few reasons why a luxury expert like us is a better choice for luxury relocation and storage.

It all starts with the services we offer.

We are specialists in luxury and storage relocation. You will be amazed when you experience the types of services we offer when you hire a luxury shipping company such as ours.

Customized Packaging

We package all of your goods into the most secure packaging possible, that are then relocated to your new home. Your shipment travels via our exclusive delivery service to ensure everything is delivered on time.

Advantages of Letting Delivery Limited Handle Your Luxury Goods

  • Well-Packaged 

We work hard to pack your household in the finest possible way to ensure that all of your prized possessions make it to the new home without suffering any damage.

Both shipped and unpacked, your valuables arrive in the most impressive and well-packaged way possible.

  • Stylish and Spacious Storage

We can store the most unique and precious luxury items in one of our climate controlled and secure storage areas until you are ready for us to deliver to you.

Delivery Limited in Dallas-Fort Worth Is the Only Luxury Relocation Company You Will Ever Need

Delivery Limited has been well-known across Dallas-Fort Worth to deliver our customer’s high end and most precious items since 1978. We know that you want your items to be handled with care.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your items while we handle everything. That’s why Delivery Limited offers our exclusive White Glove Installation Service.

Our goal is to make your move simple and stress free So we’ll handle all of your logistics, including unpacking and keeping everything up-to-date.

We’ll also handle everything that comes with relocating – packing, arranging temporary storage, arranging for the move, coordinating with cleaning companies, renting a truck, and everything else that comes along with moving – to ensure your belongings are moved seamlessly to your new destination and placed right where you want them.

Contact Delivery Limited today to experience true White Glove Service.

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