Ways to Make Your Home Greener on Earth Day

By: Virginia Simmons

With today being earth day there are many different types of ways to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth!

1.     Cook outdoors

Today is the perfect excuse to spend time outside and use that grill!

2.     Switch to eco-friendly lightbulbs 

The less usage of energy the happier our planet will be. It may not seem like much but any sort of energy reduction can go a long way.

3.     Start a compost pile-check out how to start the easiest compost pile here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/advice/a23945/start-composting/

4.     Stick to natural cleaning products

Harmful chemicals is a huge cause of toxins leaking into the air so stay clear of soaps or cleaning sprays can not only keep the air chemical free but could prevent seasonal allergies.

5.     Turn off the heating/cooling 

Open your windows for clean air to entire your house

6.     Use water only when needed

Don’t try to limit your normal water intake but instead remember to use faucets and hoses sparingly.

7.     Don’t use plastic bottles

When it comes to plastic it is a commonly known fact that it is bad for the environment but did you know that over 8 million pieces of plastic make their way into the ocean? Do your part by staying clear of it all together.  

8.     Partake in meatless Monday

Free your meals from meat for a day or even a week.

9.     Unplug unused electronics

Keeping things pugged is the best way to stay clear of accidental fires as well as a good way to help lower your energy bill.

10.  Turn off the lights

Remembering to turn off lights when you leave the room can reduce your carbon footprint.

11.  Switch paper towels for cloths

Unless you take the time to wash your paper towels its best to stick with a cloth for whipping or cleaning usage.


12.  Purchase a house plant

House plants not only improve moods but they also cleanse the air. Not to mention adds as beautiful touch of green to every household.

13.  Reach for the reusable shopping bags

Like water bottles, plastic bags are just as harmful for the environment. Click the link to check out some colorful, customizable tote bags for groceries: https://totebagfactory.com/collections/wholesale-tote-bags

14.  Head to the local farmers market

Shopping locally is the best way to support your towns native growers. This also reduces the greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere when produce is mass produced and transported.adventure-babies-beach-1157399

15.  Turn off the ice maker

According to a he average ice maker increases energy by 20% turn it off to reduce your energy control.

16.  Check to see if your beauty products are animal tested

Research to see if your beauty products are tested on animals. Don’t forget that even if the company itself doesn’t test on animals make sure that their parent or owned company doesn’t test on animals.

As we take this earth day to reflect on what this beautiful planet had given us don’t forget to try to incorporate all these tactics into your life. Live everyday like its earth day!