These Are the Best Ways to Continue Your Home Search During Coronavirus

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Note: This article was written by guest contributor Katie Conroy. She can be reached at

Moving mid-pandemic might not be ideal. However, the truth is that with many online resources and tools, buying a home can still be an enjoyable experience. From navigating the changing real estate market to searching for your dream home, here are the best ways to continue your remote home search during the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn How to Navigate the New Real Estate Market

The pandemic is disrupting the real estate market, so it pays to know what’s happening.

  • Take steps toward ensuring a faster sale of your current home.
  • Use online tools to keep up with changes in the Dallas real estate market.
  • Be prepared when you start searching for your next (or first) home.


Prepare to Find Your Dream Home

Not every homebuyer is in the ideal position to buy—but you might be.

  • Determine how much house you can afford.
  • Investigate the financing options available to you.
  • Track mortgage rates online to determine the best deal.
  • Use online tools to estimate expenses for potential property repairs. For example, check out the average cost of repairing your swimming pool.


Strategize Your Move

Coronavirus is still a threat to health and safety, so strategizing your move is important.

Although the coronavirus is still a real threat, there are ways to make your property search safer and simpler. Using online tools and communicating with your real estate team and movers remotely, you can stay safe and still find the property of your dreams. And in no time, you’ll be sheltering in place in your new home.