Moving is about more than getting your items from one location to another. For many people, it can be time-consuming, confusing and hectic. It’s the time when you ask yourself: Did I pick the right moving company? Will they handle my valuables with the attention it needs? The questions may seem endless.

If you’ve chosen Delivery Limited’s white-glove delivery, you don’t need to keep questioning yourself. White-glove deliveries are exactly as they sound. Professional movers wear white gloves and ensure that your valuables stay in impeccable condition, among many other perks. If you haven’t considered the service, here’s why you should.

We’ll wrap it right

Delivery Limited’s white-glove installation service does more than grab your boxes, throw them on the truck and call it a day. We follow the best packing methods and practices, and we specially package your valuables based on fragility, nature, size and value. More than that, we use custom, corrugated boxes, containers and crates that carefully fit the needs of an international move.

We notice the details

When the day comes to move, don’t stress, we have you covered. At Delivery Limited, our expertly trained professionals follow standard guidelines and protocols to safely handle your valuables during delivery.

We pay attention to the details, and we know how to treat your fragile and delicate items with care. Our professionals make sure to place and ship delicate items in vehicles with added benefits, such as padded vans and temperature and climate-controlled trucks. In addition to these services, our CCTV monitoring of your valuables in transit means we’re delivering.

We work on your time

Delivery Limited won’t just deliver your goods on time. We’ll deliver them when the time is right for you, the client. Our professionals meet with you and ask you about your specific needs, including what delivery time works best for you. We make sure your package is delivered to you by us when you need it most.

We’ll track your shipment together

Our white-glove delivery service means you can have peace of mind at every stage of your move. From pick up to delivery, Delivery Limited uses business intelligence applications and tools to track your valuables. You’ll receive any notifications or alerts about where your package is headed. Building and keeping your trust is important to us, and we want you in the know during all delivery stages of your valuables.

We’ll unpack it for you

With Delivery Limited’s white-glove installation service, you can feel good about your move from beginning to end. We don’t just drop off your delivery and leave. We take the time to unpack and position your valuables to be exactly where you want them in your home.

Our white-glove installation services includes taking care of valuables like:

  • Antiques.
  • Chandeliers and other light fixtures.
  • Furniture.
  • Over-sized mirrors.
  • Paintings.
  • Rugs or tapestries.
  • Sculptures or dimensional art.

We help interior designers work

We proudly serve interior designers as well. Calling ourselves “the interior designer ’s concierge,” we make sure each of your projects receives exceptional, first-class assistance.

We can handle multiple projects–from single room redesigns to massive estate relocations–from the same interior designer. No project is too complex for our professionals–we act as the middleman between you and your clients.

Delivery Limited is one of the very few relocation companies in the United States that is a member of the Industry Foundation (IF), Interior Design Society (IDS) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). We offer many services to the interior design community.

We’re a premium service

We believe in high-quality, 24/7, dedicated service. From start to finish, our professionals are here to help you with any of your special moving needs. We care about our clients, and we aim to deliver an experience you will remember for years to come.

When you contact Delivery Limited to schedule a white-glove installation service, please prepare to provide the following information:

  • Address of pick-up.
  • Address of drop-off.
  • Approximate date of your delivery.
  • Are their stairs at either location? If so, how many flights?
  • How many pieces are we delivering?
  • What are the item’s approximate dimensions?
  • Does the item require assembly?

We ask thorough questions because we believe in doing a thorough job. Contact us today at for more information.

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