Why Delivery Limited Stands Out

Dear Kevin,

Happily we have completed phase II of our move-in.  I wanted to take a moment to express to you how pleased we were with Delivery Limited.  I hope you will pass this brief note on to the owners and senior executives because it is important to me that they know about their incredible, hardworking staff.

Due to the  of the nature of our move, tensions were high and stress was off the charts.  You and your initial team responded immediately to our needs.  I really didn’t know what we were going to do and I am so grateful that our insurance company, Chubb, recommended Delivery Limited. I could tell that first day that we were in good hands.  The care with which that initial team packed our most precious possessions  gave me such comfort.  I knew then that my things would come back just as they were when they were packed. It was such a relief and I was very grateful. I’m sorry I don’t remember all the names of the staff that were here that day because I would like to give each of them a commendation.

On Monday, we began the process of putting our house back together. The blue trucks were back, the professionals were here and I was so thankful.  My things came out of boxes just as they were packed – in meticulous fashion, white gloves and all.  Each item went back exactly where it lived before.  Due to the remarkable organization of the initial team, there was written documentation and photographs of where each piece of furniture should be placed.  I really didn’t need to be here, they could have finished without me.  My art was hung with the greatest of care. I was so grateful to Alex Vanstrien for his good eye and great suggestions.  I made a few changes and his input was invaluable. By the end of the day I had such respect for his opinion, I told him to do what he thought best. He was amazing.  Jason Shelite kept the job going at a steady pace.  He had photos, an inventory of my items and a within just a few minutes he knew the layout of the house and efficiently got things back to normal. Ray Mendoza worked steadily, efficiently and always with a smile.  It was a pleasure to have them in my home.  I could never have accomplished this without these great representatives  from Delivery Limited… and certainly not in 2 brief days.  When they left yesterday afternoon, my house was perfect.  I was actually sad to see them go;  I had made new friends.

Clients are good assets when they make  positive recommendations about a company. Please know I will recommend Delivery Limited as the only “Relocation Experts” one should consider.

Thanks again,

Cheryl  Hodge

Dallas , TX