Since 1983 (when I was 10) my mother Nell Mazoch, President of Pro-Tection Dallas Inc. opened up for business. We started working alongside with Delivery Ltd and the founding CEO of Delivery Ltd, Steve. We continue to work alongside Delivery Ltd, its new CEO and entire staff when needed for their clientele. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Today Sinclair and Victor arrived at our warehouse here at Pro-Tection Dallas, Inc to pick up chairs to be delivered to our client for installation. The two gentleman were a pleasure to talk to, they were very thorough on inspecting the items before putting them into their delivery truck. Their presentation of themselves, the cleanliness of the delivery truck inside and out was what I call when I was in the Navy a “Bravo Zulu”. They were kind enough to offer us cold bottles of water, Ozarka, the official water of Delivery Ltd. Delivery Ltd goes above and beyond. I look forward to working with this great company for many years.

~Russell Mazoch

VP Pro-Tection Dallas, Inc


Pro-Tection Dallas, Inc

Providing Customer Service Since 1978

Kevin and TEAM:

What a fabulous surprise when I received a beautiful arrangement from Delivery Limited.  Thank you so very much.  I have babied them and they are still beautiful.

You and your Team did such a magnificent job and we so thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

Do not take this the wrong way but I really hope we DO NOT need your services again soon !!!

Janice and Bob

Testimonial: “Magnificent Job”

Designer Holly Bellomy

Thank you, for the orchids you and Delivery Ltd sent us!
They are gorgeous and are perfect for dining room table.
We especially want to thank you and your fantastic team with Clint’s direction and Alex’s art direction, in our smoothest move ever!!!
That’s saying a lot since we move about every 7 years! LOL.

Thank you again for organizing such a professional, thoughtful and caring move.

All our best,

Linda and Bob

‘Smoothest Move Ever’

“The collection you packed and oversaw on its journey from Dallas to London could not have been dealt with in a more thorough and professional manner.  The care with which you packed the pieces was most impressive, and every item arrived in perfect condition.  As Chairman of one of the oldest and largest Antique Dealerships in the world, I would be delighted to recommend you without hesitation.”

– Mark Law, Chairman, Partridge Fine Arts

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“Thorough and Professional”

“I now have three new amazing, functional Personal Spaces in my home. I’m speechless and completely grateful to each one of you for having the vision and the skills to create these areas for me in my new life as a self employed woman. 


“Miracle Workers”

“I cannot overstate the professionalism and care the Delivery Limited team brings to every project. The group of men and women at Delivery Limited are thorough and exacting, they make any project run substantially smoother. After over 50 installations with the team I cannot recall one unpleasant experience!”

– Ann Schooler, Schooler-Kellogg and Company

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“Professionalism and Care”

“The new storage facility at Delivery Limited provides an exceptional repository for the Society’s extensive collection of artifacts and textiles. We truly appreciate Delivery Limited’s expertise in preserving our city’s past for future generations.”

– John Perkins Chairman, Dallas Historical Society

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“Exceptional Repository”

“I had over 1,000 books in my library and Delivery Limited replaced them exactly as they were when they were in the old house. I also have an extensive wine collection and Delivery Limited moved every single bottle without breakage-and organized them precisely as they needed to be.”

– Phillip Wiggins

Precise Organization