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Keep reading to learn more about our company’s history that has been ‘More Than a Moving Company’ since 1978…

Delivery Limited: More than a ‘moving company’


Delivery Limited’s story began in 1978 in a Dallas garage apartment with a man who genuinely cared about providing exceptional customer service.

Steve Erspamer was an English professor who was looking for something to do during the summer months. The Dallas native bought a white former-Twinkie truck and simply started driving around the Dallas Design District offering his delivery services to designers.

Little did Erspamer know that his one-man delivery service would transform from a summer hobby into Dallas’s premiere white-glove delivery, installation and storage company.TRUCK infront of house

“Steve loved the challenge of safely and effectively transporting some of the unique pieces he encountered,” the Delivery Limited Managing Director Brenda Billard said. “As time went on, he also realized that there was a demand for a very high level of service that wasn’t offered by other local delivery companies.”

Erspamer took everything about Delivery Limited to the next level, Billard said. In the early 80’s, a client asked the delivery company to move him into his new house.Steve3

“Although we had never done a relocation, Steve was dedicated to serving our clients and he said ‘why not? We’ve already moved half of his possessions’,” Billard said. “And soon it caught on that we were not only a delivery and storage company- but a relocation company as well.”

Erspamer used to say, “please don’t call us movers” because Delivery Limited is very different from most ‘moving companies’, Billard said.

“We take everything and go above and beyond what a regular moving company will do. Even the level and variety of services we offer sets us apart,” she said. “Steve instilled the beliefs that trust, personal connections with our clients, and discretion are essential to who Delivery Limited is.”

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Billard even reminisced about a story Erspamer had shared with her. One of his early clients, a designer, called Delivery Limited when her home was on fire- before she dialed 9-1-1.

“This designer just knew that Steve would drop everything and get there immediately to take her valuable and priceless possessions out of her home,” she said. “Steve set high expectations for his clients which is why we stand out- our clients know that we will do anything they need and we will always be there for them.”

Erspamer died in November of 2016 at the age of 66.

Fast forward almost 40 years, and Delivery Limited has grown from that tiny apartment into a 130,000-square foot campus that serves the most discerning and astute clients.

We know the relocation process is stressful, and, often times, complicated; therefore, we make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We’re a full-service, white-glove operation who has the capability to pack up and transfer everything from Boehm porcelain to Hummle figurines to shoes. We can lay rugs, hang artwork, even make the beds. Our clients don’t have to lift a finger.

Today, we work to emulate the idea that Delivery Limited exists to serve our clients because we are a service company that truly believes it.

The original white glove company in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1978.

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