Delivery Limited offers shipping and crating services. Our crates are custom built and packed to ensure the safe transportation of your valuable possessions.

We offer full turnkey service, so you can rest easy knowing that your move is in good hands. Below, we have provided a simple form to fill out for an estimate regarding your shipment.


Please click below to download the Request for Crating and Shipping.

Request for Crating and Shipping

Send the completed and signed copy to:

Direct Email:

Address: 8220 Ambassador Row, Dallas, TX 75247

Fax: 214.261.1001

Once the shipment is quoted and the cost is approved, we will need the cc authorization form to be filled out, signed and faxed or emailed back to us, in order to begin the shipping process.  Fax # 214-261-1001.

Crating & Shipping Credit Card Authorization Form

Delivery Limited, Inc. is acting on your behalf as a packager and facilitator for your shipment. Delivery Limited, Inc. is not providing service as a common or contract carrier. Delivery Limited, Inc. ships via 3rd party common or contract carriers.

Delivery Limited, Inc. accepts no liability for damage or loss caused by 3rd party carriers, transit agents and delivery agents, and our responsibility ceases when the 3rd party carrier or agent picks up the item(s) and signs our Bill of Lading.

All claims for loss or damage are to be made directly to the carrier or agent.