Restoration & Repairs

Delivery Limited provides a variety of services that can facilitate the repair and restoration of your valuable antiques, furniture and artwork.

Our spacious storage facility offers a convenient and efficient location for your selected restoration experts to work with their own equipment. Our showroom-style storage allows your experts to have easy access to any items they need.

Delivery Limited can transport any items to and from your residence and our storage facility or other designated repair provider. Because we have worked with some of the most respected restoration experts in the world, we are happy to recommend someone should you need work done. However, for minor damages we can offer turn-key repairs that are done in house by our top art and furniture specialists.


7803 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75209


Diamond of Texas Fine Furniture Repair

Contact: David Biggs
Diana Teddlie & Co

2323 Lawndale Dr
Dallas,  TX  75211-1837

(214) 948-3646

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