Customer Support and Administration Team

Meet the team who help run the office!

Cindy Anderson | Managing Director


Cindy Anderson | Accounting & Billing

Cindy Anderson is the Delivery Limited Accounting Manager.

Anderson joined the DL team in 2005 and she currently oversees all of the billing for Delivery Limited, from relocation projects to deliveries to storage.

Her 21 years of accounting experience makes her extremely detail orientated and a great asset.

We are so happy to have her on our team at Delivery Limited!

Tari Herrera | Human Resources


Tari Herrera is our Human Resources expert here at Delivery Limited.

Tari is originally from Michigan and moved to Texas in 2009. She has been working in human resources and payroll for the last 15 years! We are so thrilled to have her expertise on our team.

She enjoys spending time with her 3 wonderful kids and 3 incredible grandchildren. In her spare time, Tari loves crafting, camping, and hosting game nights.

Amanda Monsivais | Accounting Assistant


Amanda Monsivias | Accounting Assistant

Amanda Monsivais has been with Delivery Limited since April of 2019.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  This Dallas native has been in the white-glove industry for 8+ years.  A previous employee of Precision Delivery.

“I truly enjoy this fast paced environment and looking forward to a long term stay at Delivery Limited,” says Monsivais.

Amanda enjoys any and all outdoor activities with family.  She loves watching baseball, GO RANGERS!

Nayeli Salazar | Accounting Clerk


Nayeli Salazar | Accounting

Nayeli Salazar joined the Delivery Limited Team as the Accounting Clerk on February 17th, 2020.

Nayeli has 3+ years in accounting experience and looks forward to many more.

“I love working in the accounting department. I am always eager to learn more every day.” Nayeli says.

She was born in Denton, TX and currently lives in Arlington, TX.

She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her 5-year-old son, on her days off.

“I am thankful to work in this wonderful environment with great people. I definitely see my future at Delivery Limited, long term.”