Relocation Director: Kevin Gerrild

Moving can be an extremely stressful and difficult process. Having someone there who has helped direct the moves of hundreds of clients over many years can make all the difference.

As you approach your own personal home move, remodel, or other relocation needs, schedule a visit so one our relocation experts can stop by your home to discuss the details for what you are needing and how Delivery Limited can help.

Kevin’s Experience

Kevin Photo
Kevin Gerrild, Relocation Director

Kevin has been with Delivery Limited for 13 years and has been a Relocation Director for 11 of those years.

The experience that he gained while working as a Relocation Specialist in his first 2 years with Delivery Limited combined with his previous experience in customer service, estimating/ proposal writing, and working with high profile clientele in the energy software industry, provided an invaluable launching pad for his career as a Relocation Director.

Kevin’s genuine care and commitment to detail will provide you with a comfort that you will find welcoming as you prepare for your upcoming move.

Outside of Work

Kevin and his beautiful wife Wonda have raised four kids of their own and now enjoy their two precious grand-daughters. Their favorite event is an annual cabin trip with their family to Beavers Bend state lake.