How To Use Mirrors In Your House

By Virginia Simmons

Mirrors are a timeless decorative piece that can turn any house into an instant stylish haven. Though they are commonly overlooked in the design world mirrors not only add an element of style but they serve a function.

Check out our favorite ways mirrors can transform each room of your house.

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Feng Shui in the Entry Way!

in order to keep Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of furniture flow, there’s a couple of do’s and don’t’s that you should generally follow.

Mirrors in the entry way are a good way of inviting guests into the house and can serve as a functional purpose for last minute checkups before leaving. An important thing to remember when putting a mirror in an entry way is to many sure it doesn’t face the food.

According to Feng Shui, all the energy brought into the house is immediately reflected back out upon entry if it is first faced with a mirror.

mantel mirror

Add Drama to Fireplaces or Mantels

Want more than fire to be a dramatic element in your fireplace? Place an oversized mirror above your fireplace or mantel for a classic yet theatrical decorative flair.

When sizing a larger mirror, according to, its best for your mirror to be two-thirds the width of your mantel and never wider. If you’re torn between hanging or simply placing it, we suggest you first check you have the appropriate ceiling space.

Next decide if you want the wall to appear taller or wider and remember- for height: vertical, for width: horizontal.

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Create Dimension in your Dining Room

Dining rooms are an entertainer’s pride and joy but when they lack space it can cause your guests to dismiss its attraction. The best way to guarantee the illusion of more space is by adding a mirror into your dining room.

This not only adds dimension to your room but adds function telling you when there’s something in your teeth. For the size we say the larger the better! This is the room you can fill up with mirrors and it be completely acceptable.

It is also important that you find the mirror that fits your décor. For an easy frame guide: match Modern with metallic and Rustic with wooden.

bathroom mirror

Refresh your Bathroom

We know mirrors in bathrooms is on obvious concept but choosing the right one that first your bathroom can be not so obvious. Having the correct mirror will not only bring your bathroom together but will add a sense of cleanliness to one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean. Experts say you first need to match your bathroom look to your lifestyle. Choose a large wall to wall mirror for a multiple person bathroom, for a fashion fit add a lighted mirror, and for a bright burst add a white framed sleek mirror.

hallway mirror

Have Bright Hallways Always

Dark hallways are never been an attractive piece to a house. They can be difficult to light without adding complicated wires and lighting extensions. Before you get out the drill or add another unflattering floor lamp, our solution is to simply add mirrors.

Elongated mirrors are the perfect solution to brighten up and around the corner spot. We do warn against putting them at the end of a long hallway or a smaller hallway due to them causing overwhelming to nogoers.