How to have a Successful Spring

By Virginia Simmons

Spring is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing- cleaning is coming.

The best thing to do to conquer spring-cleaning is to have a checklist!

To help you take the stress out of cleaning, follow the featured personal spring-cleaning checklists for all your tiding needs.

For the ones who like to check boxes:

This checklist from gives you the ultimate check list and makes you feel accomplished by checking the boxes throughout your cleaning.

For the traditionalists:

If you want to stick to traditional, this is the checklist for you!

From dusting your fan to deep-cleaning ovens-you can have it all…

For the minimalists:

Some of us prefer to keep it simple…

So, when you would rather skip to the spring-time relaxing, then this is the best “keeping it easy” checklist for you!

For the perfectionists:

If your go-to saying is: “the devils in the details”, then you need this extensive spring-cleaning check list.

This one-page list gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond to really tackle those extra chores!

For those who clean at their own pace:

Spring cleaning can come off as overwhelming, but have no fear because below is a checklist that will give you the option to conquer the cleaning room by room.

This basic list is inspired by those who don’t need to go into the deep and keep the cleaning on the surface level.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Now that you’ve tackled the cleaning check out this Spring Bucket List form to relax and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.