How To Be A Local in A New City

By: Virginia Simmons

Whether your moving to a new country or to a town over, uprooting your life and starting over is a difficult process. As you leave your friends and familiar surroundings behind you create an empty social canvas that you can fill with new relationships and experiences. Adjusting into the local scene can be easier through these simple techniques. Most importantly remember that people want to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know them!

Have a “place”. action-adult-adventure-356808

When first getting to a new city you’ve probably figured out the basics like how to get to work, the grocery store, and if you have kids the school. But now it’s time to consider what you actually like to do in your free time. If you like coffee you could branch out and find a coffee shop that you love and go there frequently. Introduce yourself to the staff and next time you go call them by their name (it will make it easier for them to remember yours). This will also come in handy when unpacking stress gets overwhelming, having a go-to place allows you an escape to decompress.

Attitude is everything.

Having a positive “yes” attitude is key to becoming familiar in a new area. Go to whatever and wherever you’re invited to, yes even that late night comedy show. The worst thing is you won’t like it but the more you do, the more people you will meet allowing you to find friendships you didn’t know you needed. This is the opportunity to try on a few things you may have been interested in like attending a painting class or a concert.

Continue exploring like a tourist.


Did you know that most people who live in Las Vegas have never gambled in their lives? If your new town is known for something go to it! Don’t be afraid to look “too cool” for a fun attraction because you will miss out on the most obvious local opportunities. This also helps you show off your town to visiting friends and family who will most likely want to do those activities in the first place.

Match your interests with what the city has to offer.

When exploring the unfamiliar becomes exhausting its nice to find a comfortable activity that fits you. Your new town has numerous resources that are destine to fit if not one but many of your interests. If you were an avid runner in your previous town, you may want to look into joining a running community. For the bookworms there are tons of book clubs that are dying to hear about what you think about your most recent read. The best way is to do a quick google search or look up what’s near on