How Delivery Limited Beats the Summer Heat

By: Virginia Simmons

As we come to the last blog out of our summer blog series: Delivery Limited’s Unlimited Summer we want to share with you our last summer tips from our staff!

We asked our staff what their favorite summer activities are, how they escape the heat, and what advice they have for staying cool in Texas.

Find out ways the Delivery Limited members cool off this season!

How Does Our DL Team Cool Off?

Randall Brown, Director of Client Services

When asked what some of Randall’s favorite summer activities are he exclaims, “Cookouts baby! And don’t forget to catch up on a sport.”

Randall says he always enjoys playing a game of tennis in the summer months.

“No one really escapes the heat,” Randall says when asked how he escapes the heat.

But regardless, he makes sure to stay in the shade, hit up the mall, and catch some movies at the Alamo Drafthouse.

His advice to stay cool in Texas is to be smart and wear a hat, also drink lots of water.

John Christian, President/ CEO


John enjoys spending time with his kids over summer and likes to escape to the West Coast to beat the heat.

His advice about beating the summer heat would be to, “Drink fluids, at least two gallons a day!”

Cindy Anderson, Accounting Manager

Cindy’s favorite summer activities include spending time with family and friends, cooking out, hosting parties, fishing and playing with her dogs.

To escape the summer heat, she swims or stays inside.

Cindy’s advice to escape the Texas sun is to wear breathable shirts and drink plenty of water.

Christopher Flores, Relocation Specialist 

Some of Christopher’s favorite summer activities are swimming and riding his motorcycle in the summer sun.

To escape the heat, he tries to stay in the A/C or if he’s outside, in the shade.

His advice for the staying cool would be to “Wear shorts and thin t-shirts also drink water.”

Alexander Lyle, Manager of Fine Art Services 

Alex’s favorite summer activities are watching shows on TV with my wife and six cats, and going to Alamo Drafthouse to eat and watch movies.
To escape the heat, Alex stays inside during the day and drink a lot…. of water.
Alex’s advice to stay cool in Texas is “don’t wear cowboy boots or have longhorns as a hood ornament. Very uncool….”

Samuel Williams, Crating, Fleeting, Building Maintenance, Manager Repair Specialist

Samuel’s favorite summer activities are kayaking and fishing at the lake.

His advice for staying cool in Texas is to drink, “lots of sun made iced tea” and he reminds everyone to save time for plenty of swimming and skiing at the lake.

Kristen Wolcott, Head of Personal Spaces

IMG_6347Kristen’s favorite activities in the summer are water sliding and hanging out at the pool or the lake.

When there are no bodies of water near, she enjoys going to Colorado to escape the heat or head to the Katy Trail Ice House.

Her advice for staying cool in Texas is to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Gretchen Bailey, Personal Spaces

Gretchen’s summer plans include boating, vacating in the Caribbean , zip lining, and swimming with sharks!

She escapes the heat by hydrating poolside with delicious beverages.

Gretchen’s advice to stay cool in Texas is to have water balloon fights with the family!

Aaron Orta, Relocation Specialist

Aaron has many favorite summer activities including long-boarding, roller blading, sleeping, and of course eating some good Texas or Mexican food.

To escape the Texas heat, he stays in his apartment with the A/C blasting.

How does he stay cool in the summer? Aaron advises that you should avoid wearing jeans, pants, or long sleeve shirts.

José Hernandez, Warehouse Manager

Some of José’s favorite summer activities are fishing, swimming, and playing sports but he mostly enjoys watching movies inside to escape the summer heat.

His advice is simple yet significant, “drink a lot of water.”

Virginia Simmons, Marketing Intern

Virginia says some of her favorite summer activities include, playing sand volleyball with friends and family, and laying in the sun with her cats. To escape the heat in the summer she enjoys heading likes to read by the pool and make fruit salads. Her advice for staying cool in Texas is focused on your furry friends, “Make sure your animals have plenty of water and are brought inside during the hottest times of the day!” She also suggests that everyone makes sure they wear sunscreen.

(Virginia’s cats Sally and Smallest)


Mark Harrison, Relocation Director   

Mark’s favorite summer activities are eating and sleeping, which are probably most of our favorite activities.

His way to escape the heat align perfectly with one of his favorite activities, “Sleep in an air conditioned room, 68-70 degrees max with a fan running.”

Lastly, his advice for staying cool in Texas is to, “Go to the north for four weeks and let us move you into that house!”

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Kirk Kohlman, Project Coordinator

Kirk’s three favorite summer activities are swimming, bowling, and outdoor cooking.

He escapes the heat by having a refreshing snow cone on his patio deck.

Kirk’s advice for staying cool in Texas is to avoid the outdoors and stay in the A/C.

Morgan Heinrich, Director of Marketing

Morgan’s summer plans include boating, swimming and tanning on Lake Palestine with her two puppies. IMG_5962.jpeg

As a New Yorker, she escapes the heat by jumping into the lake or watching Netflix inside with the A/C on 65 degrees.

Her advice for escaping the Texas heat is actually for your DOGS:

When you take your dog out for a walk, put your bare hand on the pavement – if you can’t hold it for 15 seconds, then they can’t walk on it either.

If it’s too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Don’t stand on hot surfaces; keep your dog moving. Walk in grass when you can.

Klein Navin, Scheduling Coordinator

Klein’s favorite summer activities are to play golf but especially loves to hang out with his red lab, Shabba.

He escapes the heat by going to the lake with his dog and advises to escape the Texas heat by, “Drinking lots of cold water” with his dog.