Houses for Sale in DFW That Will Make You Want to Move Immediately

By Virginia Simmons


10711 Strait Ln, Dallas, TX 75229

Starting off strong, this elaborate mansion is one of our favorites on the market- maybe because it has 17.5 bathrooms, or maybe because it has a bowling alley or a 10 car garage.

But in reality, the root of our obsession is the fact that this is the only house in DFW where you can have your own private water park! That’s right, have all your wild water needs met with one-of-a kind aqua palace (lazy river included).

Dallas dentist, Dr. Richard Malouf built this home in 2003 and is currently on the market for a whooping 32 million dollars.

But with a full business in the front and party in the back vibe, who could say no?


4009 W Lawther Drive, Dallas, Texas, 75214

Coined “Mt. Vernon” from being modeling after George Washington’s house in Virginia this Victorian, this 10 acre estate is one for the ages.

Built in 1929 by legendary oil tycoon H.L. Hunt the property has since been renovated by John and Teresa Amend in 2012 yet they kept its original features and ‘revolutionary’ feel even reviving the house’s original Spirit of America Mural.

Every detail of this breathtaking dynasty expresses patriotism and grace through its classic front columns to the pecan forest that welcomes visitors onto the lot.


5950 Deloache Ave, Dallas, TX 75225

With two presidents having previously stayed in this house, it’s no surprise that there is rich history as well as influential atmosphere that comes along with this red bricked beauty.

Though it is located in the heart of Dallas, the previous owners claim to not be bothered by any city noise.

Get the best of both worlds with this house with the privacy of relaxing by the pool, strolling through the private garden, then experiencing downtown Dallas just minutes away.

Introverts who enjoy the occasional night out, this is the place for you!


8891 Jourdan Way, Dallas, TX 75225

This beautiful 18,691 sq ft. estate is the ultimate French luxury getaway designed by world renowned architect Peter Marino.

This classic model is equipped with a private late, indoor pool, and magnificent sights of the grounds. This European style home exerts elegance with its authentic grand hall and who won’t feel pampered picking out books in this detailed his & hers library.

When it comes down to it, if you want to live like French royalty, this is the home for you!