From Drab to Fab: Simple Improvements to Make your Backyard Into a Summer Paradise

By Virginia Simmons

In the refreshing days of summer we want to spend all the free time we have outside and where’s a better place to your own backyard?

Whether you avoid your backyard altogether or live in your gated sanctuary, find ways to spruce up your seasonal décor in our second blog, part of the blog series, Delivery Limited’s Unlimited Summer.

Enjoy these six simple but rewarding ways to freshen up your outdoor living area.

1. Install some outdoor lights

Just because Christmas lights can only be up once a year doesn’t mean that all outdoor lights have to be.

Add life back into your backyard nights by simply stringing lights across your heavily trafficked outdoor area. For a cleaner look try lining them around fences or a fun touch try wrapping them around trees. texas lampost

Choosing a type and brightness of your lights depends on your backyard size and your personal style. For example, bulbed string lights typically give off a heavier light. For a soft lower look try solar power ground lights, these can be easily installed and don’t take up electricity.

Don’t be afraid to light up your backyard… Remember: fireflies aren’t the only thing that glows in the summer!


Want to FAB ADD to your backyard? Build a lit Texas Lampost for some true southern flair!

For a bonus idea try to add some paper lanterns for a pop of color and fun!


2. Plant a garden

Planting a summer garden can be hard work but there’s nothing better than indulging in fresh fruits and vegetables to beat the heat.

Choosing the right produce can be difficult so if you’re not sure which plants to plant in your garden this tropical season look no further!

Along with, we have compiled a list of what and when to plant.

June: Beans, Melons, Corn, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Tomatoes

July: Brussel Sprouts, Corn, Cucumber, Kale, Tomatoes

August: Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce, Radish, Spinach



Get the FAB ADD in your produce by planting a lush summer garden bed!


3. Invest in nice outdoor furniture

From activities to meals to entertainment – your outdoor furniture should be an extension of your indoor life.

Having a solid collection of backyard chairs, tables, and appliances is a must have in order to take full advantage of your yard.

A set can be bought all at once or can be accumulated over the years but no matter how it is a hassle to move so let us here at Delivery Limited handle that for you here! 

Making Smart Backyard Furniture Choices: POLYWOOD

No matter how fab, destroying the environment is always a drab.

You can help by incorporating environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, Polywood, into your lawn.

Polywood is made from recycled plastic! This charming addition to your life will be our most FAB ADD to your backyard as well as the world.


4. Hang a hammock or swing

Need a place to relax?

Forget the expensive weekend getaway and purchase a simple, yet luxurious hammock or swing this summer.

Put your feet up and forget the heat as you enjoy the breeze and soft summer sun.


Try spicing it up with colorful designer pillows that can be utilized across all your outdoor furniture as well.

For this FAB ADD we want to introduce you to our favorite type of luxury hammock- the floating bed hammock.


floating bed hammock

5. Plant some flowers

Sometimes the most overlooked change can be the most obvious.

Blooming flowers add a striking change to your backyard and can add a gorgeous pop of color as well as a fresh aroma.

You can utilize these easy beauties by planting summer flowers around your yard or in large pots to maximize space.


Try planting flowers that will thrive all summer long like: plumeria, gloriosa daisy, and peonies.

Want another reason that flowers are a FAB ADD? Summer beauties like chamomile and daisies can be made into a refreshing herbal tea!


6. Upgrade deck or patio

Your patio should be the “base” of your backyard so in order for it to be in check, make sure you have the perfect foundation.

This may not be the simplest hack but it is the most important due to the amount of the time spent and memories made here.

Wood Patios and Decks: Stain It!

There are three main sections that go into staining.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Sanding
  3. Staining

Even though the idea of staining seems like a long process – you will have a satisfying result of a finished outdoor foundation that will last for years.

Concrete Patios: Wash!

For a concrete patio, its best to power wash it for an easy fix but if you want to go above and beyond its suggested to seal cracks for a finished ‘newly paved’ look.

All types of patios can be upgraded with this FAB ADD. Paint can transform basic wood and tile into designer finishes!


What are your plans to change your backyard from DRAB to FAB?