Delivery Limited’s Ultimate Guide to Making The Most Out of Your Summer

By: Virginia Simmons

Delivery Limited Unlimited Summer

June is here which means gone are the spring rains and here to stay are the hot summer days. We can now look forward to late family nights, hot pool days, and even vacationing on beaches in exotic locations.

Here at Delivery Limited, we have a summer treat for you in the coming month of June – we have put together a blog series called “Delivery Limited Unlimited Summer”!

Each week you can find out ways to enjoy your summer from how to reinvent your backyard into a summer haven to where and how to find the freshest summer fruit at your local farmers market.

As Delivery Limited insiders, you get an exclusive sneak peek into what’s to come!

Look forward to our posts featuring: blur-celebration-close-up-1272347

  • Matching plants to the appropriate rooms in your house
  • From DRAB to FAB: simple improvements to make your backyard into a summer paradise
  • Sprinklers that your kids and your yard will love
  • How to create the perfect outdoor movie theater
  • Why shop at your local food market?
  • Utilizing your kitchen- the healthy, refreshing, summer way
  • Why DFW is perfect in the summer!
  • Cities Listed from Coldest to Hottest and you would not believe where Dallas is!

Let us help you experience summer the best way possible by simply keeping up to date with us here at Delivery Limited.

We’re ready for summer, are you?