Create The Perfect Outdoor Movie Theater

By: Virginia Simmons

Those cool fall nights are just around the corner….

Try building something that the whole family can enjoy!

We have put together a project that the family can enjoy building and using!

Keep reading to find out how you can create the perfect outdoor movie theater.

Projector alex-litvin-790876-unsplash.jpg

The first thing you’ll need is a projector for your movie to be played on.

Though buying one can be on the pricy side but they are always well worth it and can be utilized in and outdoors. You can always rent one from your local library.

It is suggested that you use an HD projector model for the picture to really shine through. Resolution is an important thing to look for when buying or renting a projector.

It is recommended that your use 720p or 1080p but remember the larger the screen, the larger the resolution you will need.

Want more info about which projector to get? Find out here!

Movie Screen

Yes, you can go out and buy an outdoor screen but on the other hand, you can have more fun building one!

We recommend two full proof ways to build a screen.

The first and most simple is to hang up a white sheet on a fence or a wall to get the best possible picture.

Make sure it’s pulled tight to keep it from the wind and don’t forget to steam or iron the sheet before you pin it.

The other is more difficult yet can be used for long term. Connect PVC pipes to create a sturdy sheet stand that can withstand any weather.


Now that you have your projector and screen set up its time to think about sound.

The easiest solution is to hook up a Bluetooth speaker which will allow you to move the position of the speakers closer or farther away, depending on your choice of sound.

Don’t forget to check with your neighbors that you’ll be having more sound coming from your backyard than usual so they aren’t surprised.

If Bluetooth is not an option with your projector you can always hook up a soundbar speaker or purchase a speaker set if you are thinking long term.

Make sure the speakers are compatible with your projector as well as the outdoors.


Backyard Movie

In order to create continue to have a complete movie setting, you can’t forget on the seating arrangements.

If you desire a more formal cinema feel start by bringing lawn chairs outside and adding comfortable pillows and cushions.

If you’re looking for a more laid back feel, bring out larger cushions, pillows, and blankets and set them directly on the ground for open seating.

Don’t forget to lay a tarp or make sure you have adequate outdoor suited fabrics that can be set straight on the ground.

Find out how to create your own outdoor movie theater seats here!

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 2.56.38 PMSnacks

Snacks are a must have when it comes to movies theaters but just because every theater has them doesn’t mean you can’t put your own spin on them.

If you’re looking for the classic cinematic touch try to stick to the basics like popcorn and candy.

Try to stick to a specific theme for your movie which will be easy to create custom snacks.

Don’t forget to have a concession stand for your snacks and try to portion out serving sizes. (pre-bagged popcorn and trail mix in cups will limit interruptions)

Drink cooler matthew-henry-86779-unsplash.jpg

Don’t forget the drinks!

We all know that drinks are best served cold so make sure you have suitable storage to keep them fresh as long as possible.

We found that for style and function, its best to keep drinks in a resin ice bucket. For larger parties, fill a kitty pool with ice and stock it full of your favorite beverages.


  • Keep power chords away from water
  • Try to start the movie once it gets dark for optimal picture
  • Check the weather previous to planning your movie time
  • Bring your projector inside after usage
  • Use plastic wear for snacks to minimalize cleanup time
  • Look into beanbags for easy cleaning outdoor seating