Meet the people who help run our delivery schedule!

Jake Reeves

Scheduling Manager
Jake Reeves
Jake Reeves

Jake first joined Delivery Limited in 1999.

He held numerous hats during his 8 years with us, starting out working in the field with clients and then moved into the office to work in Scheduling, Crating & Shipping, Freight & Damage Claims, Fine Arts Services and Art Vault Curator.

In addition to his tenure here, Jake has 11 years of experience as a Craftsman in Professional Antique Restoration and Fine Furnishing Repair.

Now fast forward to 2017, Jake¬†returned to Delivery Limited’s Scheduling department in February 2017 and we could not be more excited to have him back!

Jessica Hemmi

Scheduling Coordinator
jessica hemmi
Jessica Hemmi

Jessica is a proud Texas A&M University graduate!

She joined the Delivery Limited team in February 2016. She has worked in several departments throughout the company. She is currently enjoying her role in Scheduling.

Prior to her time at Delivery Limited, she worked as an Online Merchandising Manager for The Container Store. She also worked for Neiman Marcus and assisted with the launch of



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