8220 Ambassador Row
Dallas, Texas 75247

P: 214.261.1000   F: 214.261.1001
Toll Free: 877-883-4541


Our air conditioned facility offers over 125,000 square feet of secure storage for your belongings. Storage can be arranged for a few hours, days or decades, depending on your unique needs.

Every item in your storage inventory is meticulously catalogued. We take digital photographs and assign individual numbers to every piece, and we note any items that require special care. All artwork is isolated in a separate, highly secure area, as are firearms and wine collections.

Recognized for our extraordinary attention to detail and superior facility, Delivery Limited has been trusted by the Dallas Historical Society and the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs to store the city's most important historical artifacts, statuary, and documents. We look forward to becoming custodians of your legacy as well.

What our clients say
"The new storage facility at Delivery Limited provides an exceptional repository for the Society's extensive collection of artifacts and textiles. We truly appreciate Delivery Limited's expertise in preserving our city's past for future generations."
- John Perkins Chairman, Dallas Historical Society


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