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“This Time, It’s Personal”

Et tu, feng shui?

Oh, there you are.  We couldn’t see you through the morass of bamboo, mirrors, and fans.  So how’s your luck doing?  Still the same?  It’s no ancient Chinese secret why you feel ripped off.

Next time you’re in the market for meaningful arrangements at home, let the crew from Delivery Limited transform your home into an organization and functional wonder – according to Western techniques, of course.

Tell them where to start (closet, kitchen, Fido’s playroom); they’ll assess the damage.  Give the okay, and they’ll buy whatever’s necessary to fix the space properly.  Or get the list and DIY.

If you want the full treatment, they can go as deep as you want them to (ooooh … label maker!).  They can even, if you’re still a believer, do feng shui.  But don’t expect your luck to change overnight.

Because, you know, Shanghai wasn’t built in a day.

Personal Spaces by Delivery Limited, 6320 Denton Drive, Oak Lawn (214-261-1000).

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